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Manuscript Collection

Manuscript In-House Abbreviations

AC Autograph card
ACS Autograph card signed
AL Autograph letter
ALS Autograph letter signed
AN Autograph note
ANS Autograph note signed
Bound Proof Proof, often bound in paper wrappers
Email Email printouts.
Fax Autograph or typed fax printouts
Galley Long sheet of printed text, generally of more than one page in length. May be corrected or uncorrected.
ProofPrinted text divided into pages. May be corrected or uncorrected. (Also called page proofs.)
Mock-UpPages made to show how the book will appear. Usually does not include the text.
MsManuscript. Handwritten, not necessarily in author's hand.
Ms[c] Manuscript [carbon]
Ms[x] Manuscript [photocopy]
Paste-UpSimilar to Mock-Up, but even more visually directed; frequently includes cut-up galleys of text pasted into place.
Printer's Copy Typescript or manuscript marked up for printing. (Also called setting copy.)
TC Typed card
TCS Typed card signed
Telegram Telegram printouts
TL Typed letter
TLS Typed letter signed
TN Typed note
TNS Typed note signed
TsTypescript. (Also includes computer printouts.)
Ts[c]Typescript [carbon]
Ts[x]Typescript [photocopy]