Department of Special Collections Manuscripts Unit


Adobe Systems


Fee Schedule


Photocopies (black & white, letter or legal size)                                                                                25˘ per copy


Digital Images (TIFF, JPEG or PDF)

New scans                                                                                                                                                  $1 per scan

Printout of existing file                                                                                                              25˘ per printout


Audio & Video Migration or Reproduction                                                 At cost (inquire with Curator)


Oversize Document Reproduction                                                                    At cost (inquire with Curator)



Optical disk                                                                                                                                                 $1 per disc

FTP/patron’s USB drive/e-mail (size permitting)                                                                     No charge

U.S.P.S. (domestic orders, under 1 lb.)                                                                                            $5 s&h fee

International or alternate shipping methods                                                          Inquire with Curator


Use Fee (for Washington University-held copyright only)                                             Inquire with Curator





·         Price discounts are available for anyone associated with Washington University (faculty, staff, students, visiting scholars, etc.). Inquire with the Curator.


·         In most cases, digital cameras are allowed for use in the reading room but personal scanners are not. Please inquire with staff before using any type of personal devices of this nature.


·         In order to protect copyright and Washington University’s control over its own materials, the Curator reserves the right to restrict the amount of reproductions from a manuscript collection or series within a collection. Curator also reserves the right to limit orders per patron per calendar year.


·         Curator reserves the right to determine discounts, waive fees, allow exceptions to maximum number of reproductions, or restrict reproduction of materials for preservation or copyright purposes.


·         See Forms and Procedures for more information on accessing our collections, requesting duplications, and notifying us of intent to quote from or publish our collections.


·         All appropriate forms must be signed and returned to us before orders are processed.


·         Payment is due 30 days from invoice date. All orders over $100 require prepayment and will be provided to patron within 30 days of payment.