Courtland Cox

After Courtland Cox's involvement in SNCC, he worked in Washington, D.C. for the United States government and as a private consultant. In Washington, D.C., Cox served as Director of the Minority Business Opportunity Commission, Director of the Office of International Business, and Special Assistant to the Mayor for Economic Development. He also worked for the Department of Commerce as Director of the Minority Business Development Agency and the Director of the Office of Civil Rights. Cox is currently the Director of Local, Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Development for the Washington, D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission.

Civil Rights Era

Courtland Cox was an active member of SNCC in the 1960's and participated in organizing in Mississippi. He and Joyce Ladner served as the SNCC representatives on the planning staff for the March on Washington in 1963. In this capacity, he is remembered for helping to make last-minute changes to John Lewis' speech for the March. Cox was also a part of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party delegation to the Atlantic City, NJ Democratic National Convention.


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