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Images from Hamlet

The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare
Chiswick: Printed by C. Whittingham, 1823
Illustrated by John Thurston (1774-1822)


The Works of Shakspere
Revised from the best authorities: with a memoir, and essay on his genius, by Barry Cornwall: also, annotations and introductory remarks on the plays, by many distinguished writers. London: Robert Tyas, 1843
Illustrated with wood engravings from designs by Kenny Meadows


The Works of Shakspere
Imperial edition.
New York: Virtue & Yorston, [1875-1876]
Illustrations by British artists Daniel Maclise (1806-1870)


by Arthur Hughes (1832-1915)


The Tragedie of Hamlet Prince of Denmarke
Weimar: Cranach Press, 1930.
Edited by J. Dover Wilson. The typographical arrangement was done by Count Harry Kessler. Edward Gordon Craig (1872-1966) designed and cut on wood the illustrations. Eric Gill cut the title, and the type was designed by Edward Johnston.

Hamlet Hamlet
Hamlet Hamlet Hamlet

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
with engravings by Eric Gill
High Wycombe, Printed for the members of the Limited Editions Club by Hague and Gill, 1933

Hamlet Hamlet
Hamlet Hamlet
New York: The Limited Editions Club, 1939
Edited and amended by Herbert Farjeon
Designed by Bruce Rodgers.
Illustrated from drawings by Edy Legrand.
Hamlet: A Television Script
Adapted by Michael Benthall and Ralph Nelson
With illustrations by Ben Shahn

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