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Transcription of Wayman Crow Letter, February 2, 1853

(Transcription by Carole Prietto, University Archivist, 1997. Spelling and capitalization have been modernized)

Senate Chamber
Jeff. City Feb. 2, 1853

My Dear Sir,

I must renew my thanks to you for the kind interest you have taken in a subject which has given me so much solicitude, as manifested by your several letters. The present fortune of affairs is perhaps lost and I can only hope for the best, though it seems to me like hoping when there is hardly any hope.

The trunk of articles from the Clint(?) Institute has just arrived but in broken condition. I have not opened it to see what the contents are. I will use some early occasion to have them exhibited to the members of the Legislature and trust that an appropriation of [over?] $13,000 for a building can be had.

The present General Assembly is behind any former one I have known in talent and working ability, and much business will be neglected and left undone. This is strikingly true of the House, and our immediate representatives are not attending, I fear, to our local interests as they require.

I have not heard of the bill you allude to but will be glad to facilitate its passage. I will keep a watch out for it. I find the numbers of the Republican containing your sermons to ladies are much sought for by the women of Jefferson City. We shall [?] I [?] on [the] 28th in St. Louis. I hope to be home about [?] [?]. Please present me to Mrs. Eliot, Mr. Rhodes, and your children.

And believe me most truly

Your friend
Wayman Crow

Rev. Wm. G. Eliot, Jr.

P.S. If you see notice of a charter to incorporate the "Eliot Seminary" -- don't condemn me for using the title -- it is rather a favorable time to get acts of incorporation and I avail of it, as our Society may desire to have the privilege of establishing such an institution at some day, and this can be partially organized and held in reserve.

N.B. I have just seen Mr. Newland of Rolla, who informs me the law was introduced by him -- referred to Judiciary Committee; was to have received attention from Blair but not having it, the Committee reported adversely to the law and it was rejected. If I can get a copy I will try to start it anew in the Senate.

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