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Tips on Opening PDF files when using FireFox

First open Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat). Then from the top menu, select Edit, select Preferences, choose Internet from the left hand column, uncheck the box for "display pdf in browser," click OK.

Then open Firefox. Then from the top menu, select Tools, select Options, click Downloads at top of window, click Veiw and Edit Actions button (which opens the Downloads Actions window). Check to see if PDF files are on the list (should be near the top), and if they are then disable them by highlighting the file and clicking the Remove Action button at the bottom of the window. If PDF files do not appear, then Close the window.

After changing these settings, when you click on a .pdf file Firefox will ask if you want to open the document or save it. Selecting open should display the document.

If you are still having trouble displaying .pdf files, you may need to install the latest version of Adobe Reader (7.0).

If you need assistance please call University Archives at (314) 935-5444 or (314) 935-9730.