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Special Collection: Edward MacDowell Manuscript

An old garden

[Recto] [Verso]
Another gem from the Ernst C. Krohn Musicological Library is the manuscript of Edward MacDowell's "An old garden", no. 1 of his piano suite New England Idyls (1901-1902), op. 62. It occupies one and a half sides of a single sheet of printed manuscript paper 26.5mm wide by 33.5mm high. The title is near the top left corner of the recto page. Near the right corner on the same level is the composer's signature. Below that is the notation: op 62. On this level to the left, directly under the title, yet still above the first system are the tempo markings: Simply, tenderly . ([quarter-note with the stem going down] = about 80). There are six systems on the recto. At the bottom of this page, centered below the last system, is the inscription: Copyright 1902 by Arthur P. Schmidt [next line] Public Performance Permitted. The composition is completed on the verso on the first two and three-fifths systems. It appears that various inks were used. In particular the composer's signature is nearly faded out. Perhaps it was inscribed in another color than the black that seems most prevalent.