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Gaylord Music Library

Special Collections: Sample Deed of Gift

I, ____________________________________________ (herinafter referred to as Donor), hereby donate the papers and other materials (hereinafter referred to as Materials) described in the attached Preliminary Inventory to Washington University of St. Louis (hereinafter referred to as the University) for inclusion in its Gaylord Music Library. As sole owner of these Materials, Donor gives physical ownership of them to the University. Title to the Materials shall pass to the University upon their delivery to the University's authorized representative. Donor gives and assigns to the University all rights of copyright in (a) the Materials and (b) in such of my works as may be found among any collections of Materials received by the University from others, with the following exceptions (use attached sheet if necessary):



These donated Materials shall be preserved, organized, and made available for education and research in accordance with the University's Gaylord Music Library access and use policies. At any time thereafter, Donor shall be permitted to examine any of the Materials during the regular business hours of the University's Gaylord Music Library. The University is authorized to display any donated Materials in exhibitions both on and off campus. Materials may also be used to illustrate scholarly works, exhibition catalogs, and University publications. The University is authorized to dispose of any Materials in the collection that are not required by its Gaylord Music Library. If so desired, such Materials as specified below will be returned to me (use attached sheet if necessary):



In the event that Donor may, from time to time, hereafter give, donate, and convey to the University, for inclusion in its Gaylord Music Library, additional Materials, title to such additional Materials shall pass to the University upon their delivery, and all the provisions of this instrument of gift shall be applicable to such additional Materials. A description of the additional Materials so donated and delivered shall be prepared and attached hereto.



Address,City, State, Zip Code and Telephone

The foregoing gift of Materials of the Donor is accepted on behalf of the University, subject to the terms and conditions heretofore set forth.