Washington University East Asian Library
Instruction for use of Taiyo CD-ROM set

These are brief instructions for the use of the Taiyo CD-ROM set which is installed in the Lib-EA5 computer in the library office.  At first, a user needs to ask a library employee to set the regional option to Japanese on the computer. For more detailed information, please consult  an East Asian Library staff member or read the section of “インストール・操作マニュアル” at the back of “太陽総目次” (Call #AP95.J2 T212 Index - Location : EA reference)


Instruction for a library staff member


1.   Turn on LIB-EA5 computer. 

2.   Click on start and go to setting, click control panel

3.   Click regional options.

4.   At the “General” tag in the box, click “set default” and choose “Japanese”.


5.  Click “OK” twice.  


6.   Restart the computer



Brief instruction for a library user 

- For a more detailed manual, please read the section of “インストール・操作マニュアル” at the back of “太陽総目次” (Call #AP95.J2 T212 Index - Location : EA reference)


1.   Click on start and go to program, click “CD-ROM版太陽


2.   Select methods to search an article in the section “起動オプション



If you know actual volume, issue and page number of the article you want to read, you will use this search method. 



If you want to browse/search for articles on a particular subject, you will use this option. There are two main search methods.  The one is search by title and names. Other gives more search options such as category, special edition and author of an article, etc. 



When you want to browse the cover, contents and/on colophon of Taiyo journal, you will use this function. 



Click on this button in order to close the box.


3.   When you find an article, you will insert the Taiyo CD volume as instructed.  For example, if the search index instructs“太陽 Vol.6” CD-ROMを挿入してください”, you will insert the CD which is labeled No. 6 at the top-right.


4.   In order to print the article, click ファイル and 印刷. The article should be printed in landscape orientation.  In order to change the orientation, click プリンタの設定and change the orientation from portrait to landscape. Click “OK” and click “印刷”.