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Reserve Information for Instructors

What can I place on course reserve and where will my students find it?
Library material such as books, DVDs and bound journals are placed on Physical Course Reserve.  You can also place your own copies of material on Course Reserve.  The Course Reserve material is kept behind the service desk.  The students can find a list of all the material in the Libraries’ Classic Catalog and in Ares our online reserves system.

Electronic material such as PDF files, links to web sites and links to content available through the Libraries’ subscription databases is made available to students through Ares.

When should I submit my course reserve list?
We ask instructors to submit reserve requests as early as possible.  As soon as you have created a list of readings or decide to reuse a past reserve list, let us know.  

What if I want to put material the library does not own on course reserve?
We can order material for the collection and put it on reserve when it arrives.  Please speak with a librarian or the Reserves Assistant if the library does not own the item you need.  Please be aware that purchasing and processing new items can take some time.   

What does the library staff need to know to process my course reserves?
The library staff needs to know the basic course information: the instructor’s name and the TAs name if they will be submitting material or working in Ares, the course name or number and the list of material both physical and electronic to place on reserve. 

For physical Course Reserves, the library staff needs to know the title, author (if there is one)and date of publication of the material as well as your choice for the loan period.  For most items the loan periods can be 2 hour, 2 hour overnight, 1 day or 3 day.   Reference and Library Use Only material must have a 2 hour loan period.   DVDs are usually given a 1 day loan period to allow students adequate time to view the material.

For electronic material, the library staff needs the full citation of the reading.  If the reading is a chapter of a larger work the title of the larger work, the title of the reading, as well as the publisher and year of publication are required.     

Can I still submit a paper form?

Yes, you can pick up a paper form at the front desk, or download the form here: Submit New Reserves Form

Enough publication information to properly identify photocopies or find books and DVDs is required. A separate paper form is not required for each item as long as the following information is the same for all items:

  • Instructor name
  • Class name and/or course number
  • Date needed by

Do I have to request, check out and/or gather the books and DVDs myself?
No, you can give us a list of the material and the library staff can collect the books and DVDs. 

What can I do in Ares?
Activate and create courses, submit requests and add course reserve lists in Ares.   All Instructors can have an account.  You can make your TA a Full Proxy User and give them permission to create reserve items for you.  Our staff will see the records and begin the process of placing material on reserve. 

Each semester, when you log into Ares web, you will see a list of classes that they you are scheduled to teach. It is a simple process to activate a course and upload items to it. It is no longer necessary for to manually create courses. The only time you’ll need to create a course is if you are using Ares to support special seminars or other teaching activities outside of classes scheduled through the registrar. We can also process electronic reserves through Ares.  Students will not see the item in Ares until we link directly to content that is available through the libraries’ subscription databases or create a link to a PDF file after we receive a photocopy.

How do I access Ares?
Access your Ares account at http://ares.wustl.edu/ares/.
- Login with your WUSTL Key and password.
- After the first login, you may need to wait for library staff to verify your instructor status. You will receive an email confirmation when you can access the instructor tools.
- Instructions are available here to help you get started: http://library.wustl.edu/eres/ares_instructions_faculty.doc.

What is the class password and is it still required?
Previously, class passwords were required for registered students to gain access to the readings. Now, when students log into Ares Web, they will see a list of classes that they are enrolled in as long as you the instructor or the library have activated the class.  Although many classes currently have passwords, it is no longer needed in order for enrolled students to gain access to the readings.  If you want to give someone access who is not officially enrolled, then a password will be necessary. 

What about Copyrights?
Because of copyright considerations, no more than 30% of the content of a book or journal may be added to electronic reserve. Instructors are responsible for operating within fair use guidelines when placing material on reserve. For copyright information, including a guide to University faculty, please refer to the University copyright website at: http://www.wustl.edu/copyright.

Can I scan book chapters and journal articles?
Yes, you or your proxy user can use Ares to upload PDF files of scanned book chapters and journal articles. Include the front matter of the volume (the first few pages, which display bibliographic information). If you do not use Ares, we recommend that you use the WUSTL Dropbox Service to send PDF files (https://dropbox.wustl.edu/).  Please send dropbox material or PDF files to artarch@wumail.wustl.edu.  

Can I just give you a photocopy of a book chapter or journal article?
Yes, you can drop off photocopies.  Please let the staff at the desk know the name of the course and the date the material needs to be made available by.

For book chapters, provide an unstapled, legible, single and/or double-sided photocopy of each reading to be scanned.   Include the citation information or the front matter of the volume (the first few pages, which display bibliographic information). 

For journal articles, Ares can link directly to content that is available through the libraries’ subscription databases. If an article exists as an online full-text, we prefer to link to it. Contact us if you are not sure whether an article is available online – we can double-check before you make a copy.   For all other articles provide an unstapled, legible photocopy of the article.  Include the name of the journal, article title and author.

Can Library Staff photocopy the articles?
Library staff cannot photocopy articles for Ares and are unable to process submissions with incorrect formatting.  

What if I have more questions?
If you have questions about reserves at the Art and Architecture Library, please contact library staff at 935-4315 or artarch@wumail.wustl.edu.