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Job Interview Resources

  • Search Recent Patent
    Use one of the patent retrieval databases on the Internet to search for recent patents assigned to the company where you are being interviewed. Only individuals may apply for patents, but most companies require employees who develop a patentable device or process while working for them to have the patent assigned to the company. Recent patents assigned to the company are one of the best indicators of the present research interests of the company.
  • Search Journal Article Databases
    If, for example, you are interviewing for a job in electrical engineering, select a database that covers articles in electrical engineering, such as INSPEC, and search the corporate source field using the name of the company where you are being interviewed. This field may also be called author affiliation. Search results should be recent articles published by employees of the company. Ask a librarian for assistance in selecting a database.
  • Corporate Information
    Scroll to "Find Company information" in Business Web Sites by Subject
  • Company Information
    Search in some Business Databases, for journal articles about the company. This may lead to information about companies which are not publicly held.