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Digital Image Collections: Using Luna Insight and ARTstor in Teaching and Learning

Luna Insight

Luna Insight is the university's digital image management and distribution system. The local server hosts internally-generated image collections and delivers them to the Washington University network community.
A one-time java client download is necessary for full functionality.

Use Luna Insight to:
  • Access the WU Visual Resources Collection
    Note: Access to the WU Visual Resources Collection is by faculty account

  • Download and print individual high resolution images or groups of images for Educational Use within Fair Use Copyright

  • Create and export presentations as html, Keynote or Powerpoint format; this approach allows for adding your own images to those found in Luna collections

  • Create, organize and host university-generated image collections

  • Cite the provenance of images found in Luna-hosted Collections

Getting Started:

1) Enter LUNA and log in with WUSTL Key.
Guests log in with with username lunapublic and password public
3) Choose collection(s)to search

BrowserInsight version for off campus users:
The BrowserInsight allows for viewing collections, saving image groups, printing images and data. It is not possible to download image files or search across collections in the BrowserInsight version.
BrowserInsight Quick Start Guide
BrowserInsight Online Help
Note: All Library computers have pop-up blocking software loaded on them. Holding down the Control key while clicking on the Browser links will override this software.


ARTstor is a subscription-based image database that offers access to 500,000+ images from 10 digital collections. Registration, login and an Image Viewer download are necessary for full functionality.

Use Artstor to:
How do I use ARTstor Off-Campus?

If you are connecting to ARTstor from off-campus, ARTstor needs to validate that you are an authorized user of the database. One way to do this is to connect to ARTstor through the Washington University Libraries proxy server.

All Registered Users have an alternative way of using ARTstor off-campus. Each time you log onto your ARTstor account, you are given a 120-day Remote Access Grace Period during which time you may access ARTstor from anywhere in the world. Point your web browser to http://www.artstor.org and click on the link to "Search and browse for images." When you are off-campus, you will be prompted to enter the email address and password that you used to register your ARTstor account. As long as you've logged onto your account within the last 120 days, you will be able to go directly into the Digital Library. If you get a message that your Remote Access Grace Period has expired, you can reset it my logging onto your account, whether on campus or through the library's proxy server.

More info - ARTstor Remote Access Guidelines (pdf)

Getting Started:

1) Follow the Technical Specifications and System Requirements to prepare your computer for optimal viewing and functionality

2) Register an Account with ARTstor
3) Log on to ARTstor

Toolbar menu
Search for Images

Note: All Library computers have pop-up blocking software loaded on them. Holding down the Control key while clicking on a thumbnail image will override this software and allow you to open a larger image.

Searching tip: truncate words by using the asterisk(*)
Searching tip: Use "quotation marks" for exact phrase searching

Example: " *uan yin " searches for the exact phrase with variant spelling: " guan yin ",
" kuan yin ", " quan yin "

How to Download & Print ARTstor images
How to download thumbnail images from ARTstor (a low resolution *.jpg file, approximately 384 pixels on the long side)
Save Images to a Group

Download the Offline Image Viewer - ARTstor's presentation software:
Install for PC, Install for Mac
Create a Presentation

How to import non-ARTstor images into the Offline Image Viewer
How to download higher resolution image files using the Offline Image Viewer
(up to 3200 x 3200 pixels, 72 dpi resolution)
Remote Access to Artstor
Overview, FAQs, Troubleshooting & Offline Image Viewer
Instructor Privileges
How an Instructor sets up a Shared Course Folder for Image Groups
How a student registers for access to a course folder
Personal Collections Instructor privileges-level only
Personal Collections Quick Guide (pdf)
ARTstor Software Manual (105 page pdf)