Project Description


Spring Term 2004

  • Renovation of Level 3 is complete
  • Ginkgo Reading Room opens
  • Cybercafe opens
  • Project is complete
  • May 7, 2004 - Olin Library Rededication

Winter Break 2003-2004

  • Main entrance moves to south side of building
  • Book collections are shifted to permanent locations
  • Current Periodicals move to new Level 1 space
  • Combined Reference, Circulation, ILL, and Reserves desk opens on Level 1
  • Reference, Circulation, ILL, Reserves, and Shelving staff move to new offices

Summer - Fall 2003

  • Level 3 books move to temporary locations in Olin and Level 3 closes
  • Level 1 closes except for future cybercafe space and Special Collections
  • Cybercafe temporarily houses Circulation, Help Desk, ILL, Reserves and public access computers
  • Current Periodicals and Reference and PopLit Collections move to Level 2
  • Library Administration moves into permanent offices on Level 3

Spring Term 2003

  • Renovation of Level A is complete
  • Technology Center opens in new permanent space on Level A
  • Microfilm and video collections move to new permanent space on Level A
  • Special Collections moves to new Level 1 space
  • Renovation of Level 2 is complete

Fall Term 2002

  • Renovation of Level B is complete
  • Level 2 books move to temporary locations in Olin
  • Books still at West Campus return to Olin
  • Library Administration moves to temporary space in NW area of Level 1

Summer 2002

  • Olin floors renumbered as of July 1, 2002
  • Level A books move temporarily to Level B
  • 60% of former Level B books return from West Campus

Spring Term 2002

  • Exterior work begins, including erection of construction fencing and construction of new walls around Level 1
  • Reserves Desk moves temporarily to Level 1
  • Microfilm and videos move temporarily to Level 1

Fall Term 2001

  • Installation of Level B compact shelving

August 2001

  • Removal of exterior concrete stairways

July 2001

  • Shelving Unit moves to old book binding office

June 2001

  • Order, Preservation, Database Management, and Original and Adaptive Cataloging Units move to new West Campus offices.

May 2001

  • Shelving Unit moves to Room 252
  • Level B stacks close
  • Level B general books move to West Campus
  • Level B oversize books move to Levels 2 and 3

April 2001

  • Level B sorting shelves move to Level A

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