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July 2, 2002--east of Olin: Two floors below ground level, a team of laborers prepare a shaft for duct and pipe work. The mini-excavator was lowered into the hole; then it scooped dirt into a dump pan that was lifted out by a crane. Now the excavator spreads pea gravel over the floor.

July 2, 2002--east of Olin: At ground level, team members empty the dump pan from the excavation of the shaft and supply equipment and materials to the team below.

July 2, 2002--west of Olin: Work on the glass wall around the main level continues to the west side of Olin where glaziers install a grid to hold glass panes.

July 2, 2002--west of Olin: A glazier at a workbench explains that his job is "fabs" or fabricating the sections of the wall grid by assembling components.

July 2, 2002--southeast of Olin: The steel superstructure of the atrium roof rises above Olin Library.

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