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June 5, 2002--Level B: Books from the West Campus Library continue to fill shelves on Level B. Book trucks have been emptied and are ready for another load.

June 5, 2002--Level B: A carpenter installs wall shelf units in faculty carrels on Level B.

June 5, 2002--Level B: At the table saw, a carpenter cuts cherry-stained walnut boards into lengths for floor molding in faculty carrels.

June 5, 2002--Level B: Glass panels framed in wood will form the outside wall of a graduate group study on Level B.

June 5, 2002--Level A: Two laborers demolish the staff lunchroom and kitchen. Left, a laborer sprays sparks as he saws a metal curtain into small chunks to fit onto the conveyor belt. Right, a laborer cuts through iron bars supporting a ceiling soffit.

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