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April 1, 2002--Level B: To prepare for the drop ceiling, a carpenter drills an eyehook into the concrete. From the hook, he hangs a wire and attaches a rail for the ceiling tiles.

April 1, 2002--Level B: View from the southeast corner of Level B: Installation of suspended ceiling rails is partially completed in the open study area.

April 1, 2002--Level B: Demolition of the lobby area on Level B is complete and construction has begun. The new design for the stairwell lobbies features angled walls; metal studs frame out the wall on Level B.

April 1, 2002 -- Level B: A carpenter studies measurements he jotted on the sheetrock, a handy place for notes.

April 1, 2002--Level B: A carpenter writes down numbers on a scrap of sheetrock as his teammate calls them out.

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