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woman in blue overalls on orange ladder twists wires together
March 5, 2002--Level B: After fishing a line through the conduit, an electrician attaches wires and carefully feeds them through the conduit; she watches for tangles and knots in the wires to keep the flow smooth.

March 5, 2002--Level B: Another electrician pulls the fished line and wire through the conduit, stopping to cut off the line when the wires are through.

March 5, 2002--Level B: Conduit from this power closet holds wires that run to the fire detectors throughout Level B.

March 5, 2002--Level B: An electrician adds conduit to wire additional electrical systems on Level B.

March 5, 2002--Level B: Professional installers set up cubicle walls and desks for the network and systems office in a staff area of Level B. In the background, systems staff restore connectivity which had been interrupted for the move.

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