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February 4, 2002--Level B: With a bobcat and a sledgehammer, a crew demolishes concrete walls in bathrooms and storage closets on Level B. The terra-cotta brick falls easily, but to allow for the removal of the water fountain, water for other fountains in the building is shut off for a day.

February 4, 2002--Level B: A crew member temporarily seals off a sewer pipe to avoid clogging the system with concrete debris before finishing demolition in this former bathroom.

February 4, 2002--Level B: Demolition in an occupied building requires careful planning and frequent halts to let others pass. A demolition crew member sweeps a path to Olin's freight elevator.

February 4, 2002--Level B: In the open study area, a sheet metal worker paints an environmentally friendly sealant on ductwork seams. On the market for about 10 years, this latex sealer is quick-drying, low-odor, and " very easy to work with" said the sheet metal worker.

blue helmet, white sweatshirt, gray block
February 12, 2002--Level B: After concrete block walls were broken away from supporting columns, the columns were wrapped in carbon fiber to increase their sheer strength. A bricklayer rebuilds the walls with new concrete block.

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