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sprinklerfitter squats next to pipe
January 4, 2002--Level A: Branching off from the campus water main is a new feed for the fire protection system in Olin. (see photos of the trench work on August 9-20, 2001) The pipe enters Olin on Level A in a maintenance area where a sprinklerfitter attaches extensions and shut off valves.

two sprinklerfitters squat next to pipe
January 4, 2002--Level A: Sprinklerfitters build a set of floor braces for the large pipe. They use pulleys and chains to maneuver the pipe while they anchor the braces.

two workers on ladders hold a sheet of insulation between them and apply to duct
January 4, 2002--Level B: A team of pipecoverers use sheets of aluminum backed insulation to cover the ductwork on Level B.

worker in blue overalls on yellow ladder reaches up to tuck insulation
January 4, 2002--Level B: A pipecoverer sprays adhesive both on the duct and on the insulation and waits until it is tacky. Then the sheet of insulation is pressed against the duct and the edges tucked into the crack between the duct and the ceiling.

on ladder, worker hold tool against insulation and fires it to pin weld in place
January 4, 2002--Level B: Thin layers of aluminum "tape" are smoothed over seams between sheets. Then to insure the insulation stays in place, the pipecoverer pin welds the insulation to the duct with a power tool.

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