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location shows all three types of seating with occupants
May 11, 2004--Level 3: Students find many seating options to suit their study style. Carrels with walls are for students who like a barricade from visual stimuli; soft chairs offer comfort while reading in many positions; and study tables attract "homesteaders" who stake a claim by covering the top with possessions and staying all day.

chairs at tables with students; looking toward the grand staircase through the atrium wall on which is reflectd the man-made tree and palms trees in pots
May 11, 2004--Level 1, café: Booths, tables and soft seating in the café offer great places to take a break from studying or to study with friends and food.

in background groups of patrons pull soft chairs around low tables
May 11, 2004--Level 1, café: The cashier hands a drink to a customer at the food service counter in the café. Covered drinks may be taken into the library but not food. Sandwiches, salads, snacks, and beverages-a menu similar to other campus eateries-are available for takeaway or to enjoy in the café.

student stands before vending machine
May 11, 2004--Level 1, café: A student selects a snack from a vending machine; other machines dispense hot drinks and soft drinks. Starting this fall the vending machines will see frequent use as the café will be open 24/7 during the semester.

three users sit on high stools at keyboards with backs to camera
May 11, 2004--Level 1, café: Students surf on some of the 15 PCs in the cybercafé. In addition, wireless network access is available from within the café and wired network access is available from the island of wooden booths and bench seating near the library entrance.

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