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two men lean on opposite sides of a bench seating area and check the seam where they meet
May 3, 2004--Level 1, café: Carpenters fit benches back to back to form a row of booths. Wired network access will be available in the booths.

monitors of three computers on countertop are bright blue with woman worker at far left
May 3, 2004--Level 1, café: A worker cables together computers components and tests the connections. At the far right is a coffee machine awaiting installation.

with back to building, one student points and two look on at the text on the stacked granite blocks
May 3, 2004--Olin plaza: Students read the inscriptions on the granite, installed as the base for the statue of George Washington.

Save the Date. Friday, May 7, 2004, 3:30 p.m.
May 7, 2004: Redication ceremonies begin at 3:30 pm on the lawn south of Olin. See photos of the event.

reading room with many chairs filled with studiers
May 11, 2004--Level 3: Inside the renovated library, new furniture and new study spaces are filled with students preparing for final exams. Finals end on Thursday, May 13.

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