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January 8, 2003--Atrium: With the completion of concrete work on the edge of each level around the Atrium, laborers remove the concrete molds and scaffolding to make way for the glaziers. One laborer disassembles scaffolding components and loads them onto a lift. When the lift is full, the lift operator unloads them on the ground. On the ground a third crew member sorts and stacks the components for storage.

January 8, 2003--Atrium: Glaziers use floor scaffolding and a lift to install brackets for the glass wall framework on the ledge of Level 2.

January 8, 2003--Atrium: Ironworkers atop scaffolding, measure and mark lines where an additional reinforcing beam will be installed.

January 8, 2003--Level 1: Ironworkers bolt a reinforcing beam to the coffered concrete ceiling. The ceiling, part of the original overhang that covered the Olin porch, is now part of the expanded Level 1.

January 8, 2003--location: NE stairwell: An ironworker tightens nuts after putting plates on each bolt.

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