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December 4, 2002--Level 1, NE corner: A carpenter adds studs to build a wall between the reading area and classroom of Special Collections. Natural light from the glass paneled exterior wall will reach both rooms.

December 4, 2002--NE stairwell: To increase seismic bracing for Olin, steel beams are attached at strategic locations. To install a steel beam in the NE stairwell, a steelworker drills holes into the concrete to hold bolts. Then he injects an epoxy mix into the holes which when dry is stronger than concrete.

December 4, 2002--Level 1, NE corner: Another steelworker cuts bolts to size and uses a welding torch to smooth burrs from the bolts and nuts.

December 4, 2002--NE stairwell: The steelworker fits bolts through the steel beam and into pre-drilled holes filled with epoxy. He drives the bolts deep into the holes and then tightens the nuts.

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