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November 6, 2002--Level A, the Arc: After spreading a layer of mastic on the access floor, two floor layers press carpet squares onto the mastic carefully creating a seamless look.

November 6, 2002--Level A: After cutting a desktop for a faculty carrel with a " margin, the carpenter places it in the carrel and scribes the curve of the wall onto the desktop. Then by following the scribed line, he removes the excess with an electric wheel sander.

November 6, 2002--Level A: After insulation is installed, two carpenters attach sheetrock around the doorway of the new Islamic Studies Collection offices.

November 6, 2002--Level A -- southeast corner: A sheet metal worker (left) snips a section of duct at a workbench while an electrician (right) snaps a wire carrier into place. In preparation for painting the ceiling white, painters have draped the bookshelves in plastic sheeting.

November 6, 2002--Level A: In the main shaft, new duct work passes through the whole building. A sheet metal worker (left) assesses connections for Level A and confers with two carpenters while they cut and fit a green board wall around the duct.

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