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September 4, 2002--Level A: In the collaborative classroom in the Technology Center, a floor layer slides a glue paddle under each in a row of pedestals while another floor layer balances the corners of a panel on four pedestals before screwing them down.

September 4, 2002--Level A: A laborer dismantles some of the shelving stacks as a new configuration of Level A provides space for graduate group studies. Shelving stacks have the look of "high water pants" with their bottom shelves 18" above the floor; the shelves were raised for removal of floor tile and carpet.

September 4, 2002--Level A: Before snapping a blue chalk line, a carpenter measures and marks where to erect walls for the graduate group study room.

September 4, 2002--Level A: Two carpenters use metal studs to frame in the faculty carrels on the south wall. Working from right to left, one carpenter measures the wall and trims each stud while the carpenter on the scaffolding follows and attaches the studs at ceiling height.

September 4, 2002--south of Olin: For a custom fit around columns, an ironworker trims a steel plate with a torch. The plate fits over a hole in the floor that was once the opening to an escape hatch from the original furnace room.

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