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August 7, 2002--Level B: A communications worker installs speakers in the ceiling of Level B over the open study area.

August 7, 2002--Level B: Final checks of the compact shelving continue as a carpenter tests and adjusts each shelving section on Level B

August 7, 2002--Level A: Rooms begin to take shape as walls and doorways are erected in the Technology Center. To the left is a glimpse of the curved wall of the classroom where the emphasis will be on collaborative learning. Faculty can reserve the classroom where restaurant-style booth seating facilitates students working together.

August 7, 2002--Level A: Ironworkers install additional I-beam support in the Technology Center

August 7, 2002--southeast of Olin: A steel collar is welded at the base of two columns for support. To seal the collar to the floor, a worker applies a stiff grout. When the ring of grout is dry, a wet grout will seal the inside of the collar.

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