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May 8, 2001--Level B: Shelves are marked in preparation for moving books to the West Campus library. Preparing the shelves of books to be moved included labeling every shelf of books at Olin and the new, temporary shelf at West Campus with the same shelf number.

May 8, 2001--Level B: Labeling work was begun by student workers and will be completed before Level B closes on May 11, 2001. Signs requested library users to carefully dodge the labels.

study area
May 8, 2001--Level B: Early in the morning of May 8, the study area on Level B offers quiet to students preparing for final exams.

level 1 classroom
May 8, 2001--Level B: A classroom on Level B provides space for exam preparation; outside, furniture is stacked and shelves are labeled as crews prepare for the renovation.

furniture is moved
May 10, 2001--Level B: Furniture is cleared to the side as a student finds an isolated spot on the last day of finals and the last day Level B is open.

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