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Most Wanted by Subject

The Most Wanted List: Science & Technology

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  • Physiologia Plantarum: An International Journal for Plant Biology; Backfiles from 1948-1996
    $3,800; e-journal archive; description: WordPDF
  • ScienceDirect Agricultural & Biological Sciences Collection; Backfiles from pre-1995
    $38,440; e-journal archive; description: WordPDF
  • Springerlink Historical Archive, Biomedical & Life Science Collection, 1843-1996
    $97,360; e-journal archive; description: WordPDF


  • Wiley Major Reference Works
    $110,000; database; description: WordPDF
  • Wiley Organic Package
    $54,000; database; description: WordPDF

Engineering & Computer Science

  • American Society of Civil Engineers Research Library
    $38,500; e-journals; description: WordPDF
  • ENGnetBASE
    $75,000; database; description: WordPDF
  • Referex Engineering
    $26,500; database; description: WordPDF

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New items are added to the Most Wanted List as they are identified. Please check back for additions.