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Creating Links to Discovery Catalog Records and Searches


General Syntax for links to the Discovery Catalog
Special procedures for some ebook and ejournal records




This page shows you how to make links to specific items or searches in the Washington University Libraries Discovery Catalog for your own web pages or bookmarks. Note there is a separate page of instructions for links to the Classic Catalog.

We expect this function will be especially useful to faculty and teaching assistants as they are making web pages that contain a course syllabus and/or course bibliographies. If you find other uses you'd like to share or have questions about this procedure, please use the Comments form or call the Help Desk at (314) 935-5410.


General syntax for links to the Discovery Catalog

The base URL is http://libcat.wustl.edu/?<key=value>&<key=value>&<key=value>...

  • "q" initiates a query (search)
  • "itemid" is used to link directly to a specific item; this can be seen by mousing over the title in the brief results list or right-clicking on it, and it can be copied easily from the address box after clicking on "Permalink for this record" in the full display
  • Use %20 for a blank space, %22 for a quotation mark, %26 for an ampersand.
  • Multiple words should be enclosed in quotation marks, which are represented by %22.
  • Note that it is not possible to just copy the URL in the browser window, usually; the URL for the current search does not display there, due to the way this Catalog works.



Basic keyword query:
Multi-term query:
Author query:
Title query:
Subject query:
Items in a specific library:
Specific item (right-click and copy 'Permalink for this record' when viewing the record):


Special procedures for some ebook and ejournal records

Put your mouse on WUSTL full text link.  If the link begins with http://je5qh2yg7p.search.serialssolutions.com we do not recommend using the ‘Permalink for this record.’ Instead link directly to the  eresource.  One way to find the direct link:

  1. click on » View record in Classic Catalog (on the right side of the screen)
  2. click on Marc Display button
  3. copy the URL from the 866 40 field near the bottom of the display.  For example:

856 40 |zWUSTL full text|uhttp://libproxy.wustl.edu/
URL to use in your links is everything after “|u”, for example: http://libproxy.wustl.edu/login?url=http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/1-4020-3419-9