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Computing Services at the Libraries

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use library computers (Washington University students, faculty, and staff)?
Washington University students, faculty, and staff should always log onto library computers using their WUSTL Key. This will give you access to your printing account and your personal storage space on the servers. Information on creating and maintaining your WUSTL Key can be found on the WUSTL Connect web site. You should always log off when you are finished using a computer to protect your files and other resources.


How do I use library computers (Library visitors)?
Library visitors can obtain temporary credentials for access to computers in the Libraries by presenting a photo ID at the nearest Library Help Desk. These credentials are good for 30 days and provide limited temporary personal storage space.


Are the library computers safe from viruses?
All of the library computers have anti-virus software installed and running. In addition, they also have anti-spyware software installed. Updates to this software are applied regularly.

If you attempt to load an infected file from removable storage media such as a USB device, the anti-virus software will attempt to clean the file. If it is unable to do so, you may be prevented from opening the file.


Where can I save my files on the server?
All individual network accounts have a limited amount of personal file space on a library file server. This server is mapped as the Z: drive when patrons log onto the library network. Personal file space is for school-related material only. Any movies, music, programs, or other software stored here may be deleted at any time. This file storage is also backed up on a regular basis.The University’s rules on the use of computing resources must be followed at all times when storing files on library servers.

To access personal storage space from a library computer:

  • Log onto the network using your WUSTL Key
  • Open the My Computer icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen
  • You will see a drive called Z:. 


My computer crashed and I need to rebuild the hard drive.  Can I borrow a CD with my operating system?
No. Patrons must have their original operating system (Windows or Mac) CD and the accompanying certificate. The Library cannot lend CDs for installation on personal systems. This is a violation of the manufacturer’s license and copyright law.


What other equipment resources does the Library offer?
There are a limited number of notebook computers available in The Arc for checkout and use by patrons in Olin Library.