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Library Service Quality Survey Results


In November of 2010, over 1900 faculty, students and staff completed the 2010 Library Service Quality Survey, providing valuable quantitative and qualitative feedback. The following chart summarizes the key themes from students and faculty, and provides notes on how the Libraries are responding to these important messages:


What you told usWhat we're doing or planning to do
Longer/later library hours are important Beginning with the fall semester of 2012, Olin Library is now open:
  • 24/4 when fall and spring classes are in session
  • 24/7 during reading days and finals

Because of the positive feedback from students, funds were approved to continue providing these longer hours after the trial; we are moving to 24/5 hours in Fall 2013.

An unacceptable number of books are lost, or missing when you need them Cataloging and Access groups worked together to improve coding in the catalog to be more accurate reflection of books available; time for replacement of lost volumes was shortened.
Wi-Fi coverage is inadequate The Libraries worked with the university to upgrade coverage across the libraries in the summer of 2010, and again in 2013.
Faculty and Graduate Students need easier paths to search for known items in the catalog The research box on the Library website main page was redesigned to improve known item searches via the classic catalog.
Article searching is difficult on our website, and requires too many clicks  Resource Discovery software platforms which will cover article searching were investigated in the Spring of 2012 and a decision was made to implement the Primo solution from Ex Libris.
Place/Space Use
Undergraduates asked for more seating in Olin during crunch time of the semester Using the comments from the Service Quality Survey as well as follow-up assessments, the library has made many changes in Olin Library:
  • Periodical shelving on level one was removed in favor of more soft seating.
  • Furniture was juggled and new seating added to Olin
  • Furniture was leased to increase seating during the reading and exam periods
Chemistry Library furniture was upgraded
Students requested more electrical outlets 32 outlets were added on 8 columns in Olin Library.  The design team working on Olin Library has identified access to power as a critical consideration in their planning.
Students need more group study spaces, as well as more quiet study zones. A Space Planning team is working with architects to rethink the layout of study space in Olin, beginning with the entrance level of Olin Library.  Among the team’s goals are to increase the number of group and individual study spaces, and to identify these spaces clearly through signage, design elements, and furnishings.
Bathrooms and desk surfaces need to be cleaner- especially during peak study times Addressed immediately.
The temperature in Olin Library is either too hot or too cold This is a continuing building challenge which will be addressed as renovation occurs. 
Faculty and graduate students voiced concerns over cutbacks in journal subscriptions Subject librarians are working closely with faculty and graduate students to identify journal, book and database subscription needs; Additional funds were requested and approved by the university to help close many of these gaps.


Listening to users is a continuous process; for information on other library assessment activities and outcomes, visit the Assessment Team page at http://libguides.wustl.edu/assessment or contact Carol Mollman, Assessment Coordinator, mollman@wustl.edu.